Geoguessr map

You can find the map to test your knowledge about the locations here.

Name: Botswana pula
Code: BWP
Symbol: P
Country: Botswana
Name: Swazi lilangeni
Code: SZL
Symbol: E
Country: Eswatini
Name: South African rand
Code: ZAR
Symbol: R
Country: Eswatini, Lesotho, South Africa
Name: Ghanaian cedi
Code: GHS
Symbol: GH¢
Country: Ghana
Name: Kenyan shilling
Code: KES
Symbol: KSh or /= or /- or K
Country: Kenya
Name: Lesotho loti
Code: LSL
Symbol: M
Country: Lesotho
Name: Malagasy ariary
Code: MGA
Symbol: Ar
Country: Madagascar
Name: Nigerian naira
Code: NGN
Symbol: ₦
Country: Nigeria
Name: West African CFA franc
Code: XOF
Symbol: CFA
Country: Senegal
Name: Tunisian dinar
Code: TND
Symbol: د.ت or DT
Country: Tunisia
Name: Ugandan shilling
Code: UGX
Symbol: USh
Country: Uganda
Name: Bangladeshi taka
Code: BDT
Symbol: ৳ or TK
Country: Bangladesh
Name: Bhutanese ngultrum
Code: BTN
Symbol: Nu.
Country: Bhutan
Name: Indian rupee
Code: INR
Symbol: ₹
Country: Bhutan, India
Name: Cambodian riel
Code: KHR
Symbol: ៛
Country: Cambodia
Name: Australian dollar
Code: AUD
Symbol: $ or A$ or AU$
Country: Australia, Christmas Island
Name: Indonesian rupiah
Code: IDR
Symbol: Rp
Country: Indonesia
Name: Israeli new shekel
Code: ILS
Symbol: ₪
Country: Israel
Name: Japanese yen
Code: JPY
Symbol: ¥ or 円
Country: Japan
Name: Jordanian dinar
Code: JOD
Symbol: د.أ or دينار or JD
Country: Jordan
Name: Kyrgyzstani som
Code: KGS
Symbol: c or com
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Name: Lao kip
Code: LAK
Symbol: ₭ or ₭N or K or ກີບ
Country: Laos
Name: Malaysian ringgit
Code: MYR
Symbol: RM
Country: Malaysia
Name: Mongolian tögrög
Code: MNT
Symbol: ₮
Country: Mongolia
Name: Philippine peso
Code: PHP
Symbol: ₱
Country: Philippines
Name: Russian ruble
Code: RUB
Symbol: ₽ or руб or р
Country: Russia
Name: Singapore dollar
Code: SGD
Symbol: S$ or $
Country: Singapore
Name: South Korean won
Code: KRW
Symbol: ₩
Country: South Korea
Name: Sri Lankan rupee
Code: LKR
Symbol: ₨ or රු or ரூ
Country: Sri Lanka
Name: New Taiwan dollar
Code: TWD
Symbol: NT$ or NT or 元 or $ or 圓
Country: Taiwan
Name: Thai baht
Code: THB
Symbol: ฿ or B
Country: Thailand
Name: United Arab Emirates dirham
Code: AED
Symbol: د.إ or درهم
Country: United Arab Emirates
Name: Vietnamese đồng
Code: VND
Symbol: ₫ or đ
Country: Vietnam
Name: Albanian lek
Code: ALL
Symbol: L
Country: Albania
Name: Euro / ευρώ(GR) / eiro(LV) / euras(LT) / ewro(MT) / evro(SI)
Code: EUR
Symbol: €
Country: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia (from 2023), Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia (from 2014), Lithuania (from 2015), Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain
Name: Bulgarian lev
Code: BGN
Symbol: лв.
Country: Bulgaria
Name: Croatian kuna
Code: HRK
Symbol: kn
Country: Croatia (till 2023)
Name: Czech koruna
Code: CZK
Symbol: Kč
Country: Czech Republic
Name: Danish krone
Code: DKK
Symbol: kr.
Country: Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland
Name: Faroese króna
Code: FOK
Symbol: kr
Country: Faroe Islands
Name: Gibraltar pound
Code: GIP
Symbol: £
Country: Gibraltar
Name: Hungarian forint
Code: HUF
Symbol: Ft
Country: Hungary
Name: Icelandic króna
Code: ISK
Symbol: kr
Country: Iceland
Name: Latvian lats
Code: LVL
Symbol: Ls
Country: Latvia (till 2014)
Name: Lithuanian litas
Code: LTL
Symbol: Lt
Country: Lithuania (till 2015)
Name: Manx pound
Code: IMP
Symbol: £
Country: Isle of Man
Name: Pound sterling
Code: GBP
Symbol: £
Country: Isle of Man, Jersey, United Kingdom
Name: Jersey pound
Code: JEP
Symbol: £
Country: Jersey
Name: Macedonian denar
Code: MKD
Symbol: den or ден
Country: North Macedonia
Name: Norwegian krone
Code: NOK
Symbol: kr
Country: Norway
Name: Polish złoty
Code: PLN
Symbol: zł
Country: Poland
Name: Romanian leu
Code: RON
Symbol: Lei
Country: Romania
Name: Serbian dinar
Code: RSD
Symbol: din or Дин
Country: Serbia
Name: Swedish krona
Code: SEK
Symbol: kr
Country: Sweden
Name: Swiss franc
Code: CHF
Symbol: Fr. or fr.
Country: Switzerland
Name: Turkish lira
Code: TRY
Symbol: ₺ or TL
Country: Turkey
Name: Ukrainian hryvnia
Code: UAH
Symbol: ₴ or грн
Country: Ukraine
Name: Canadian dollar
Code: CAD
Symbol: $ or Can$ or C$ or CA$ or CAD
Country: Canada
Name: Netherlands Antillean guilder
Code: ANG
Symbol: NAƒ or NAf or ƒ or f or fl
Country: Curaçao
Name: Dominican peso
Code: DOP
Symbol: $ or RD$
Country: Dominican Republic
Name: Guatemalan quetzal
Code: GTQ
Symbol: Q
Country: Guatemala
Name: Mexican peso
Code: MXN
Symbol: $ or MX$ or Mex$
Country: Mexico
Name: United States dollar
Code: USD
Symbol: $ or US$ or U$
Country: Cambodia (unofficial), American Samoa, Ecuador, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, United States, US Virgin Islands
Name: New Zealand dollar
Code: NZD
Symbol: $ or NZ$
Country: New Zealand
Name: Argentine peso
Code: ARS
Symbol: $
Country: Argentina
Name: Bolivian boliviano
Code: BOB
Symbol: Bs
Country: Bolivia
Name: Brazilian real
Code: BRL
Symbol: R$
Country: Brazil
Name: Chilean peso
Code: CLP
Symbol: $
Country: Chile
Name: Colombian peso
Code: COP
Symbol: $
Country: Colombia
Name: Peruvian sol
Code: PEN
Symbol: S/
Country: Peru
Name: Uruguayan peso
Code: UYU
Symbol: $ or $U
Country: Uruguay